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Scrap Buying is Our speciality

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Scrap Buying is our speciality

CMS Scraper is an established business in the heart of Chennai City dealing in all types of scrap metals. We have strong commercial traders in India enabling us to pay the best price possible. This means that we pay higher than our competitors 99% of the time. We pay top prices for all metals including Aluminium Scarp, Battery Scrap, Brass Scrap, Computer Scrap, Conveyor Belt, Copper Scrap, Demolishing Work, DG Set, Electrical Scrap, Eva Rubber, Ferrous And Nonferrous, GI Scrap, Glass Scrap, Iron Pipes Scrap, Steel Pipes Scrap, Iron Scrap, Lead Scrap, Motor Parts Scrap, Nickel Scrap, Office Furnitures, Old Air Condition, Old Machinery, Old Vehicles, Pet Bottle, Plastic Scrap, PVB Rubber, Solar Scrap, Stainless Steel, TMT Steel Scrap, Wooden Scrap and many more.

We buy all grades of scrap from a variety of sources; from local plumbers to demolition sites and other metal merchants. We can offer collection services by either skips or roll-on-off bins. We pay top prices in Chennai India for all scrap metal. In addition, we can offer instant payment. CMS Scrapper are your fully licensed, environmentally friendly, scrap metal merchants working across Chennai India. We pay top prices for your scrap metal, as well as providing you with a friendly and professional service to ensure you get the best deal every time

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Because We are leaders in scrap trading.

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